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Udemy Guide to Interviewing Experts for Courses - Unofficial
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This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

Course Updated 7 July 2016

Why are 50,804 students wanting me to mentor them in 42 Udemy courses?** 50,804 students have started learning from me since August 7th 2015. Shouldn’t you find out why?**

Are you ready to explode your Udemy course creation efforts? Are you in need of additional content for your website, blog, email series, podcast or even YouTube channel? And are you wanting this fast?

The best lesson you can learn from Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich fame is that you need to become a reporter. Napoleon Hill interviewed many experts on success many years ago and he became famous for being the reporter.

How would you like to become an expert on topics by interviewing experts in that field?

This course will share:

  • How to build a five figure or even six figure business by interviewing experts
  • How to find topic ideas
  • How to come up with eye catching topic ideas using this simple strategy (best of all its free!)
  • The tools required to create world class interviews
  • How to get experts begging to be part of your interviews
  • The EXACT email you can use (or modify to fit your needs) to contact experts that will cause a huge surge in responses from these experts
  • How to get experts to email their databases about your course and content

Start today and be on the path to exploding your success with expert interviews