Node.Js: REST APIs Development with Loopback

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LoopBack is a highly-extensible, open-source Node.Js framework that enables you to:

  • Create dynamic end-to-end REST APIs with little or no coding.
  • Access data from Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, SOAP and other REST APIs.
  • Incorporate model relationships and access controls for complex APIs.
  • Use built-in push, geolocation, and file services for mobile apps.
  • Easily create client apps using Android, iOS, and JavaScript SDKs.
  • Run your application on-premises or in the cloud.

LoopBack consists of:

  • A library of Node.Js modules.
  • Yeoman generators for scaffolding applications.
  • Client SDKs for iOS, Android, and web clients.

LoopBack tools include:

  • Command-line tool loopback-cli to create applications, models, data sources , and so on.


What you will learn:

  •  Getting started with Loopback from scratch
  •   Fundamentals of Loopback
  •  What are Models and how to build models in Loopback
  •  What are Data sources
  • How to connect Loopback Application to Mysql, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • How to Implement Authentication in Loopback
  • How to debug the Loopback Application in Webstorm, VS Code, And Google Chrome
  • Learn how Loopback bootstraps the Application
  • How Loopback Application works in under the hood
  • How to create custom remote methods in Loopback

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