How to make holistic and Herbal Remedies, with full Recipes
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Tanya Johnson BSc. NLP

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You will Learn & understand the benefits of using skin loving oils in recipes to nourish and heal your skin ar home, along with step by step video to assist you. I will provide you with Easy step-by-step instructions to formulate products for mature, sensitive or dry skin types using natural carrier oils, herbal infusions, essential oils and other plant based ingredients.  We will use Essential oils, premium organic oils & butters, with the use of herbal infusions to make cost effective skincare at home. I will guide you through the skin types and show you how to customize your creations based on your skin type, as your skin can change for various reasons in your lifetime. You will learn to treat your skin with soaps, creams, salves, and serums for daily personal care and general health for the whole family, including pets and children.  With my experience and knowledge you will be a pro in no time!

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