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3 Days Linux Administration Course
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Imran Afzal

Sobre este Curso

Sobre este Curso

This course is designed for those students who do not have enough time to learn Linux.  They want to be able to do Linux installation and manage the Linux server by running commands in 3 days.  Spend a few hours with me everyday for the next 3 days and I will make sure you will learn the following:

Day 1 – Installation, Configuration, File System and Basic Commands  

Understanding of Linux?   

What is Oracle Virtual Box?   

Downloading and Installing Oracle Virtual Box   

Creating virtual machine   

Linux Distributions   

Downloading and Installing Linux (CentOS)   

Download and install Putty   

Connect Linux VM via Putty   

Changing Password   

Introduction to File System   

File system structure description   

File system navigation commands   

Directory listing overview   

Creating Files and Directories   

File system paths   

Finding Files and Directories (find, locate)   

Wildcard (*, $, ^)   

Quiz and Handouts  

Day 2 – Linux System Administration  

File Permissions (chmod)   

File Ownership (chown, chgrp)   

Getting Help (man, whatis etc.)   

Adding text to file   

Pipes _( )_   

File Maintenance Commands   

File Display Commands   

Filters / Text Processing Commands (cut, sort, grep, awk, uniq, wc)   

Compare Files (diff, cmp)   

Compress and un-compress files/directories (tar, gzip, gunzip)   

Linux File Editors (vi text editor)   

User account management (useradd, groupadd, usermod, userdel, groupdel)

Switch users and Sudo access   

Monitor users (who, id, last)

System utility commands (date, uptime, hostname, which, cal, bc etc.)

Quiz and Handouts  

Day 3 – Advance Linux System Administration  

Processes and schedules (systemctl, ps, top, kill, crontab and at)   

System Monitoring Commands (top, df, dmesg, iostat 1, netstat, free etc.)   

OS Maintenance Commands (shutdown, reboot, halt, init etc.)   

Changing System Hostname (hostnamectl)   

Finding System Information (uname, cat /etc/redhat-release, cat /etc/*rel*, dmidecode)   

Terminal control keys   

Linux Kernel   

What is Shell?   

Shell scripting   

Basic Shell scripts   


Command history    

Enabling Internet in Linux VM   

Network Files and Commands (ping, ifconfig, netstat, tcpdump, networking config files)   

Network Interface (ethtool)   

System Updates and Repositories (rpm and yum)   

System Upgrade and Path Management   

System Run Levels   

File transfer (ftp, scp, rsync etc.)   

Message of the Day   

Disk Partition (df, fdisk, etc.)   

Quiz and Handouts


Here is the testimonial from my students:

To all of you that are looking for a REALLY GOOD LINUX course, THIS IS IT, SERIOUSLY I promise you won’t find a course on LINUX here that is THIS GOOD. – T.J. Marstiller (Udemy Student)

Imran is a very knowledgeable and engaging instructor. As others have said, you can tell that he is not just trying to sell a course, but that he is invested in giving his students a strong career foundation with a positive and approachable attitude. He is also entertaining with his use of pop culture and practical work examples. It really feels like you’re in a classroom with him. I’m taking this course mainly as a hobbyist, but got a lot from it already. The homework assignments, quizzes, and handouts help reinforce the material.   – Raymond B.  (Udemy Student)

Main thing about course is its simplicity and the hierarchy. Design is very good and easy which helps to understand things better.  – Akash Garg (Udemy Student)

I just love the teaching ad the learning experience I am getting  – Jacob Samba (Udemy Student)

Imran Afzal might be my favorite teacher I’ve EVER had. He is funny, and engaging. The course was easy to follow, and with no experience starting I am now extremely comfortable with Linux, and actually really like it. He does make you do your googles, but this is not a bad thing especially considering the nature of IT and documentation to solve your own problems. I highly recommend.  – Vanessa Diaz-Goumond (Udemy Student)

The course is run very well and I really like the handouts and the homework that is assigned. The homework helps me learn and continue with the learning process even when adult life is still progressing forward.  – Thomas Rogers (Udemy Student)

Such an amazing instructor. Imran must have put in a lot of effort in structuring the course and taking the student step by step, he takes his time in explaining everything, from what Linux is, how to down load it, coding, etc. I have taken other courses from Imran. I am a student for life. Keep it up and please keep preparing more courses for please like us who can benefit from your way of teaching, knowledge and experience. Thank you.  – Ali Shiekh (Udemy Student)

In the first place I say a big thank you to the instructor for making such a great course. I was afraid to learn Linux. I now feel very comfortable with Linux. I have understood both the concept behind and the practical as well. I would recommend every one who is NEW to Linux and wants to grab it once and for all without wasting time to go ahead and ENROLL. You will not regret it. I would like the instructor to do same for WINDOWS SERVER ADMIN., I don’t seem to find any better and beginner oriented course out there that could be matched with this course. To me, it is the BEST Linux Course on Online. I just started some real world projects with Linux after this great course, I was new to Linux and in just a month I am on the command line always playing.  – Opoku Bright (Udemy Student)

I genuinely look forward to additional courses in the future. This has been so informative. You hear the name oracle all the time, but this was well put in layman’s terms  – Atoofa Hasan (Classroom Student)

Imran Afzal eats, breathes and sleeps Linux! He really knows his stuff. I feel like he has brought me from a novice level education to masters level in a short time period. Anyone who is looking to get a job in Linux should definitely take this course.  – TJ Walker (Udemy Student)

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